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Dreamtime Calling: Gathering of the Tribes Festival 2016

27.2 - 2.3 2014, Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

1 Anhänger 107,335



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Tokyo burn with Goasia on Spacedock records label event


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EcoWarriors Are you an EcoWarrior? Today we want to introduce you to another facebook page of ours where we post Eco News and articles. Sustainability and anything related to Ecology. It is an old project of ours that was apart of postings quite on hold for some years apart the clean up actions in and around Transylvania Calling Location.. This year we shall expand its ecological activities in the mountains of Romania

Transylvania Calling

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Transylvania Calling In order to figure out who we are, why we are here, and what our purpose is we often end up exploring religion, science, philosophy and spirituality. This quest can teach us a lot of things about what other people have figured out so far. New things are being figured out every single day and sometimes they contradict one another. How Culture can Shift our Perception of Mystical Experiences.

Transylvania Calling 2016 - Gathering of the Tribes

2016-02-10 19:07:02

Transylvania Calling 2016 - Gathering of the Tribes

Transylvania Calling 2015

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Transylvania Calling 2015

Transylvania Calling's cover photo

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we are sorry but the website takes a little more time to be ready! Please be patient and wait for the news.. a facebook event is beeing created this evening for all interested to follow updates on the 2016 Transylvania Calling 10th edition please subscribe to our event updates here on the event page

Transylvania Calling's cover photo


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This is how you use art as a tool for change | Interview with Android Jones

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This is how you use art as a tool for change | Interview with Android Jones Visionary artist Android Jones shared his perspectives on art, politics, and the future of humanity with NuMundo founder David Casey. NuMundo is a portal to connect you to transformational travel experiences that lead you closer to your purpose and potential as a human being on this earth. The following is a transcript of the interview.

Morgan Freeman’s Message To Starseeds On Life, Consciousness &...

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Morgan Freeman’s Message To Starseeds On Life, Consciousness &... Your soul is screaming for you to answer your true calling. You can change today if you redefine what success is to you. You can transform your damaged relationships and build new ones. You can forgive yourself and others who’ve hurt you. - Morgan Freeman

The Unesco Heritage of Romania

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The Unesco Heritage of Romania


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