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Sun Festival 2016


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Solar United Natives (S.U.N.) 2016

event 2016-04-26 21:07:42

Dear SUN family! 82 more days until this year's S.U.N. Gathering and there are only 100 early-bird memberships left! Make sure to RSVP to the Facebook event below and secure your place by reserving your membership here:

Solar United Natives (S.U.N.) 2016

36 new artists on the S.U.N. Summer Gathering

photo 2016-04-18 20:44:54

We have 36 new artists to announce for this year's S.U.N. Summer Gathering (Festival from 18-25 July). Find the complete lineup at Aioaska, Aiodaya, Aurafood, bioLuMigen, Champa, Cels Mimesis, Hypnoise, Cimi, Cord, Flanger Strangers, Flux Natura, Journey Into Sound, PhasePhour, StereOMantra, Yarn, Sabiance, Suduaya, Lunatica, Yellow Dub Machine, Djane Yade, Gagarin Project, Goa Bernie, Kals, Kimikly, Korai Trancemission (Korai Öröm), Lepque, DJ Ondrej Psyla, Miro (Gochi Sound), Nigel Photon, Psionic Entity, Snowdrop, Mutterkorn, Oleg, Oshii, Toge, 3 Square Beats

36 new artists on the S.U.N. Summer Gathering

Good Trip - S.U.N. Festival shuttle bus service

link 2014-07-10 20:15:04

Good Trip - S.U.N. Festival shuttle bus service How to get to S.U.N. Festival by car, shuttle & train. By car: Please type the below address into your GPS and follow the signs from there: 2687 Bercel, Petöfi utca, Hungary Gps coordination: 47°52'02.5"N 19°24'21.3"E S.U.N. Shuttle: For reservations please follow Please be sure that you book your seat from Budapest to the festival until the 19 of July morning. It is possible to back your way back at the festival in Goodtrip stand by the info point. By train: by train from Budapest Keleti station you should take the train to Galgaguta and from there you can jump on the S.U.N. Shuttle. No need to make reservation for the train to venue shuttle, just come with a big smile & open heart.

S.U.N. Festival posted a link to S.U.N Festival 2014's timeline.

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"No need to worry. Unlimited..." on their own photo.

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S.U.N. Festival updated their cover photo.

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S.U.N. Festival updated their cover photo.

Green Tent Rent

link 2014-07-10 15:44:11

Green Tent Rent Rent a tent. Don't want to carry a tent to S.U.N. Festival? here is the best solution for you.

photo 2014-07-10 14:33:59

LAST Crazy Monday coming up ! There are still tickets to be given away and we love to give it to you ! Find out how you can win on Monday ! Hint : start by sharing this picture !:-)

photo 2014-07-09 18:19:23

Help and tips for every bringer of light We would like to help all of S.U.N. Festival visitors and here are a few advice and tips in order to spend your time in the best possible way! Getting ready: Necessary - S.U.N. Festival ticket, passport or ID card (if you buy an e-ticket it is mandatory to show your identification together with your ticket at the gate) tent, sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries, sun screen lotion, lip balm, wet wipes are always useful, toothpaste and biodegradable soap/shampoo, condoms, ear-plugs. Optional things that you might be needing are: insect repellent, dust mask, shade structures or umbrellas to protect your camp from heat, bowl, cutlers and cooking pan if you wish to cook your own. Note: camp fires are strictly prohibited due to very high risk of fire, but you will be able to make fire at places specially provided for that. Considering that you’ll be camping in nature for more than six days be aware of ticks, and if you find one on you look for a medic crew that will help you instantly. Wardrobe: no need to pack your entire wardrobe, consider the bare minimum - fleece or jumper, long pants and socks because it can get cold at night, some light clothing for hot weather, costumes… to reveal your true identity, flip-flops, sunglasses, hat, water refill container, a cloth, which you can wet and wrap around your head or body to cool down, a lot of positive energy and sense of humor and adventure and a big smile! Tip -we all love sun, however those of us with fair skin and tattoos need to be extra careful. Take care, use an Eco-friendly sun cream and take care of yourself. Camping - upon arrival follow the signs for “Camping”, camping anywhere outside the designated camping area is strictly prohibited!!! Any tents outside the camping area will be removed and turned into a beautiful recycled art installation! Tip – If you are placing your tent in the dark you may not be able to find a good spot by night, try to wait for the daylight to decide a permanent camping spot. If you decide to pitch in the dark anyway, make sure you have a bright flashlight or headlamp and respect all plants, even the smallest and take care about your sleeping neighbors! Pets – S.U.N. Festival is pet friendly but please do not bring your pet if you wont be responsible for it and if they are not aggressive! One of responsibilities is to not expose your pet to environments where they can get high levels of stress. For instance highly potent sound systems like the ones on S.U.N. Festival can produce anxiety in pets that can produce fights among them that we would like to avoid. Keep your valuables safe - we recommend that you never leave your valuables in the tent! If you have valuables such as documents, credit cards, cameras or other electronic equipment that you would like to keep safe use a waist-bag, where you can keep all your valuables with you! Get familiar with your neighbors and members of the security team that patrol the area. In any large gathering theft can happen anytime, anywhere. Be mindful of your belongings, keep them safe and look out for each other. Never leave valuables in your tent. Report any suspicious activity at the Info point. Security at S.U.N. Festival is friendly and helpful. They patrol each area of the festival, respect their advice and seek their assistance in case of need. Remember that for any emergency you can go to the info point. Think about environment and leave no trace - reduce disposable non-biodegradable products in your bag. Leave the Heliopolis land clean and more beautiful than you found it! Don’t leave your rubbish behind, but only in the designated areas. Note: If you can’t carry your tent, shade or any other structure back home, pack it down and bring it to the Info Stand, so that it can be reused. Glass creates a high risk of injury, maximizes fire risk and increases rubbish around the site. We are striving to achieve a zero-carbon festival. This means we should not leave any trace behind. Keep track of your rubbish and adopt a LEAVE NO TRACE attitude! Use natural soap and shampoo that you’ll be able to buy at festival and please don’t kill water with chemicals! More tips coming soon...

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