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Mutek Festival 2014

28.5 - 1.6 2014, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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MUTEK is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late May and early June. Each year, more than 100 artists, panelists, and industry professionals participate in what has become a leading event of its kind in Northern America.

The MUTEK festival has presented many of electronic music’s most famous figures, but also provides a platform for numerous new talents who have gone on to build sustainable careers, often as a result of their appearances at the festival. 


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28.5 - 1.6 2014 (39 days remaining)

29.5 - 2.6 2013 (past)

30.5 - 3.6 2012 (past)

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photo 2014-04-17 22:59:48

In 2012, Nicolas Jaar played an hours-long improvisational set at MoMA, the first of his extended "From Scratch" explorations. This year marks his 4th appearance at our festival since 2009, and EM15 gives Jaar carte-blanche for a new incarnation of “From Scratch,” which will also act as the festival’s epic and enthralling Sunday night closer. He will be joined throughout the night by Will Epstein, Sasha Spielberg, Lizzie Feidelson, Vance Galloway and the visual wizardry of Tarik Barri. C'est en 2012 que Nicolas Jaar a joué au MoMA une performance improvisée de 5 heures. Cette année marque sa 4ème apparition à notre festival depuis 2009 et c'est pour cela qu'EM15 lui donne carte blanche pour une nouvelle interprétation, qui clôture le festival. Il sera rejoint tout au long de la soirée par Will Epstein, Sasha Spielberg, Lizzie Feidelson, Vance Galloway et l'illusionniste visuel Tarik Barri.

MUTEK Montreal posted a link to AVANT_MUTEK Montréal / MINILOGUE's timeline.

status 2014-04-17 21:07:52

"" on Jannis Iktpq's post on MUTEK Montreal's wall.

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photo 2014-04-17 20:56:51

Looking for a way to participate in and facilitate EM15? Join our team as a volunteer and live the experience with us. Our volunteers are an essential part of every festival. Bilingualism required. Details here: Vous aimeriez participer et aider pendant EM15? Vous êtes bilingue? Nous sommes à la recherche de bénévoles! Rejoignez notre équipe et venez vivre cette expérience avec nous. Toutes les infos ici :

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status 2014-04-17 19:24:59

Oneohtrix Point Never: Right Brain

link 2014-04-17 07:00:00

Oneohtrix Point Never: Right Brain Something of a visionary in leftfield synth circles, Daniel Lopatin stitches together twitchy, sample-based tableaux, chromatically altered MIDI clusters, and ominous circuit board miscellany into a distinctive musical language. Helping to open EM15 on Tuesday, May 27 at the MAC, Oneohtrix Point Never will present a special audiovisual set, accompanied by Nate Boyce. Réel visionnaire dans l’univers de l’électronique hors-norme et décalée, Daniel Lopatin assemble méticuleusement samples nerveux à une multitude de sons générés par ses instruments MIDI et les circuits qui les composent. En ouverture d’EM15, Oneohtrix Point Never nous présentera une composition A/V accompagné de Nate Boyce le mardi 27 mai au MAC.

photo 2014-04-16 23:25:00

E(CO)M15 is our green and sustainable development initiative this year. A portion of sales from our ECO_PASSES will help protect owls -night birds like us - on a reserve around Lake Memphremagog. Check out all of our other actions here: Sous l'étiquette E(CO)M15 se cache notre initiative pour l'écologie et le développement durable. Cette année, une partie des ventes ECO_PASSE servira à sauvegarder les hiboux d'une réserve du Lac Memphremagog, des oiseaux de nuit tout comme nous. L'ensemble de nos actions et toutes les informations pour participer sont ici :


link 2014-04-16 17:34:55

PASSEPORTS! La prévente EM15 tire à sa fin!

PASSPORTS still on sale!

link 2014-04-16 17:33:43

PASSPORTS still on sale! Get your EM15 PASSPORT before prices rise!


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