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Alchemy Festival 2015

19.9 - 21.9 2014, Reino Unido

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Asian Dub Foundation | Official web site

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Asian Dub Foundation | Official web site Saturday night headliners:

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Alchemy is a family friendly music and entertainment festival set in a wildlife reserve in Lincolnshire, It is totally non-corporate, non-sponsored and non-commercial - and the organisers plan for it to stay that way

Firepit Collective @ Alchemy Festival 2015

2015-05-19 09:36:43

Firepit Collective @ Alchemy Festival 2015

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Space Ritual Booked! More to follow! Nik Turner et al will be at Alchemy!

Debut, by Ask My Bull

video 2015-04-16 19:59:04

Alchemy Festival 2015 Dates for 2015: Friday 18th September to Sunday 20th September Arts Grants Once again we want to offer grants to people who have the ideas and ability to enhance our festival site. These grants will be for up to £300 and tickets as agreed. This will need to cover all the costs for the work. Preference will be given to art that is interactive and is made from re-cycled materials. To apply, please reply to this email address with an outline of your suggestion, the likely cost, the materials that it will be using and how it will be interactive with our customers. If possible include drawings/photos of it - or something similar. We're still trying to work out a deposit scheme for those who cannot afford to pay for a full ticket at the moment - keep an eye on the newsletter/website for details as we work this through. We've started the booking process - and have many more bands in line. We've had quite a few bands that have contacted us wanting to pay their respects after the sad loss of Crispian Baker, who was a stalwart of Alchemy for many of our years. New bookings: Ask my Bull Dub the Earth Jake and the Jellyfish Bands booked so far - many, many more to come! We re in discussions with several bands - watch out for more news to come! RDF - Just wouldn't be the same without them! Back to the Planet: Defekters: AOS3 - Crispian played with AOS3 and they are getting a new album out this year that will have Crispian on soem, if not all, of the tracks Tarantism: Fyreflies: Cracked Actors: Zetan Spore: Lunarsonic: Inner Terrestrials: Firepit Collective: Sadly, we've had to increase prices for 2015 due to escalating costs for our infrastructure and taxes. We are still committed to providing a fun, non corporate and non sponsored event and aim the keep all prices on site reasonable with free workshops and entertainment for children. We're keeping the postage/admin charge at £3 for 2015. Under 5's will not require a ticket but will need to be registered. Full price tickets will be: Adult Weekend: £90 Over 5 and under 16 weekend: £20 Family Weekend: £215 Car Park: £10 Live in vehicle/Campervan: £25 Dog £20 See you at Alchemy Festival 2015!

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Alchemy 2014

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Alchemy 2014

Dub The Earth

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Dub The Earth booked again for 2015!! Last couple of early bird tickets left.


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