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Alchemy Festival 2015

19.9 - 21.9 2014, Reino Unido

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alchemyfestival | Videos

link 2015-09-01 00:00:18

alchemyfestival | Videos If a picture paints a thousand words then video must be worth a book.... Please do comment with any links to any other videos of Alchemy festival...

status 2015-08-31 23:39:59

Just 70 more likes of the competition post pinned to our page and we make the draw to give away either a pair or a family ticket.... :)

Dub Barn Collective

link 2015-08-31 23:38:07

Dub Barn Collective Saturday Liberty Stage.....

REMEDY Halloween presents: Nightmares in Neverland! with RINKADINK, KEVIN ENERGY, ED SOLO & More!

2015-08-29 16:54:34

REMEDY Halloween presents: Nightmares in Neverland! with RINKADINK, KEVIN ENERGY, ED SOLO & More! Check out REMEDY's Halloween event too!

Alchemy festivals

link 2015-08-28 22:45:39

Alchemy festivals 24h licence confirmed!

status 2015-08-28 19:49:56

This year's festival will have a 24hr music licence -same as last year!! That means non-stop music for over 60 hours and this does not mean a little radio in the corner playing Radio 4 throughout the night ;-) All your favourite tunez through a Funktion 1 sound system all weekend. ... We believe Alchemy Festival is the only 24hr festival in the UK and definitely the only festival that keeps you smiling until the morning with an all night stage and a proper sound system. .... It just gets better and better. ... see you loverly lot very soon. ... Alchemy Family

Nature Rx

video 2015-08-28 00:55:26

another one of the great things about festivals is being out the city and around some nature......

Loop Cycle

link 2015-08-28 00:34:18

Loop Cycle Come and get Loopy on the Toadstool Stage!

Dirty Vertebrae

link 2015-08-28 00:31:08

Dirty Vertebrae wash your back.....Sunday Liberty Stage


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