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Bestival Festival 2015

4.9 - 7.9 2014, Reino Unido

11 seguidores 156,512


Bestival 2014: Desert Island Disco Official Aftermovie

video 2015-07-30 13:00:00

Only 6 weeks to go!! If you want a bit of this get your tickets now - don't miss out!

photo 2015-07-28 14:45:01

It’s time to announce our top drawer clowns that will keep you laughing long into the night - the Summer Of Love Comedy Line-up! ABANDOMAN, Andrew Maxwell, The Noise Next Door, Phil Nicholl, Andy Askins, Daniel Sloss, Ian Stone, Late Night Gimp Fight, Titty Bar Ha Ha and loads more will be bringing the rip-roaring fun to the Comedy Tent in our brand new area, Slow Motion!

video 2015-07-26 21:31:25

At Bestival this year, we have Llamas. Meet your NBFF (New Best Fluffy Friend) in our brand new area, Slow Motion! Have a grooming session, dress up with your llama for a photo, or take her for a short stroll. Love. Your. Llama.

Bestival's Summer of Love World Record Busking Attempt

video 2015-07-24 15:36:37

Do you want to be a record breaker? Join in our attempt to break the World Record for the ‘Largest Number of Buskers in One Place’. Our fine friends CoCo and the Butterfields will lead the way on Sunday afternoon, performing a version of the timeless Beatles classic All You Need is Love, and we only need 400 of you lovely people to join in and play along at the main stage to break the record. Let’s not just break it through, let’s absolutely smash it!!

photo 2015-07-22 22:00:01

We’re massively thrilled to announce a brilliant, brand new attraction for 2015 - Carnivale! Carnivale is situated smack bang in the wonderland that is the Wishing Tree Field. Featuring a huge pirate ship stage with a cast of oddball performers and dancers providing mind-bending entertainment all weekend long, prepare to be bowled over by all manner of amusements, from morning shakedowns and eye-catching exploits, to our Carnival Day Parade and our incredible Night Parades!

Bestival with Andy Nicol and 6 others

photo 2015-07-22 14:30:15

50 days to go!!!

Bestival with Andy Nicol and 6 others

video 2015-07-21 21:00:02

It's our Summer of Love! Tickets are flying so make sure you get yours soon - don't miss out:

photo 2015-07-19 21:00:01

Mix yourself up a mouth-watering face mask! Mix it up from a buffet of healthy ingredients, good enough to eat, learn about food for the skin, paint it on and lick it off. Our foodie beauty experts from Cuisine+Colour will be on hand to walk you through the edible ingredients best suited to feed your skin. #SlowMotion

photo 2015-07-16 16:03:08

We’re mouth-wateringly over the moon to announce the return of the ultimate festi-food haven, The Feast Collective! Nestled in the Grassy Hill and featuring artisan food producers, street food messiahs and the very chicest of chefs, this year’s line-up includes Hangfire Smokehouse, Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, Le Rac Shack & loads more!


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