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Electric Forest Festival 2015

26.6 - 29.6 2014, Estados Unidos

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Never fear, layaway is here! | Electric Forest Festival

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Never fear, layaway is here! | Electric Forest Festival A reminder from HQ to all those who chose the layaway payment plan for their wristbands - your first installment will be charged next week! To change your payment method, contact Front Gate Tickets now at Also, layaway is still available! For all the info, visit

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If The Forest were to offer more opportunities to learn and explore through workshops, what would you like to see?

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In collaboration with talented Forester Kate of Kalamazoo College (follow her at !), HQ presents the final installment of a Choose Your Own Adventure Forest tale! If you missed the previous part of the story, go here to read it first: “Tripolee it is,” you decide. You tell yourself you’ll end your night at Sherwood Court tomorrow night, or the next. Your weekend stretches before you, but you know how fast it will go. As you climb out of the structure you head through the center of the forest toward Tripolee. By now, the forest is ablaze with life. People in costume stream past you. You pass by a dome that looks like it’s been constructed from lace. People sit inside talking and laughing. People peer out of hammocks. The forest is a new world and anything is possible. As you go toward the edge of the woods you walk past a clock tower that rises up out of the forest like a monument. Your friend suddenly takes off toward the clock tower, and you notice two of your new friends from earlier standing there. It feels so natural for you to run up and hug them. “We’re going to walk toward Tripolee,” you tell them. They nod in agreement, one dressed as the Mad Hatter, and the other with a giant smile on his face. As you pass Ranch Arena, the stage is lit up brightly. Every so often, thousands of hands rise into the air with each bass drop. You imagine they’re like small scale fireworks to the beat of the music. You weave through the crowd until you get to the field and Tripolee is waiting for you. As you enter the clearing, you pass by people spinning poi or dancing, dressed in extravagant colors, and some dance with brightly lit up hula-hoops. The stage is beating with music, and the crowd moves in turn. Behind the crowd stands the Ferris Wheel. Your friends notice it at the same time as you do. You make your way through the sea of people. People smile at you or dance with you as you pass. The line moves quickly, and before you know it you’re on the deck of the carnival ride. You haven’t been on a Ferris Wheel since you were younger. The ride jerks into motion and you rotate around the center axis. As you pause at the top the four of you crane your necks over the edge. You see Tripolee, and the crowd of people, you see the lights from Sherwood Forest, and imagine Sherwood Court just beyond it. You look around at your new friends, and out over the cars and campsites where you met them. You smile knowing that tomorrow will bring even more adventures, and the next year, and the year after that. You close your eyes as the Ferris Wheel brings you back around. You can’t wait to let the forest decide what comes next. You know you’ve found somewhere you belong.

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150 Days.

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In collaboration with talented Forester Kate of Kalamazoo College (follow her at !), HQ presents a Choose Your Own Adventure Forest tale - Part 5! If you missed the previous part of the story, go here to read it first: “Let’s get weird!” you say over the sound of funk music coming from the center of the forest. You swivel your hips a little bit, walk through a cluster of strobes, and you’re off through the midst of the nighttime Sherwood Forest to the Silent Disco. You walk behind the Sollun and under a canopy of giant lit up Jellyfish that shine down on the woodchip trail, offering their glowing presence as a guide. Soon you walk right up to the entrance of the Silent Disco without even meaning to. “This must be it,” your friend says,“we’re here!” A row of headphones is lined up on a table and you grab a set as you enter. At first you’re confused. The channels on your headphones have the ability to flip between green and red, and with a flip of the switch the music changes. You realize there are two DJ’s on stage and you can choose between which music to dance to. You both pull your headphones off and the grove is silent. You laugh out loud and put your headphones back on. Your friend listens to one channel, while you spin around to another. The trees have canvases stretched between them, illustrating paintings, while lights flash around the perimeter of the tree circle. You dance your way to another group of people, and they join you bobbing up and down to the different beats. As the DJ set ends you slip out of the silent disco and back into the forest. Your friend pulls out a disposable camera and asks a guy behind you to take a picture of the two of you. You throw your arms up and around each other. The light flashes, and the guy hands the camera back. You continue to walk in the woods until something catches your attention tucked back into the forest. It’s The Giving Tree. As you approach it, you see a small group of people surrounding the base of it. You dig into your backpack and pull out a lighter that you had glued googly eyes on sometime earlier that spring. You set it down among the roots, and hope that the right person finds it. The woods appear to be a maze of adventures at night. Your friend grabs your hand and pulls you in the direction of a tiered hut and you dive into the cutout entrance of the bottom layer. As you climb up through the levels, small groups of people greet you, give you a high five, or ask you to sit with them and you do. The forest glitters just outside of the hut’s tiny windows, and you look out at the shining world. Your friend leans her back against the wall and breathes in deeply. “There’s nothing like this place,” she says to herself, and you smile, because you were thinking the same thing. “Let’s see what the stages look like at night,” you proclaim. “Do you want to go see who’s playing at Tripolee, or Sherwood Court?” she asks. Choose Your Own Adventure: Exit the forest to Sherwood Court Or Run through the festival to Tripolee Comment "Sherwood Court" or "Tripolee" below to vote for where we all go next!

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Tripolee doesn't need a caption.

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Announcing Plug In's Installation Sponsorship Program! If you have an art project you'd like to build in Sherwood Forest, apply for a grant of up to $3000 from HQ to make your vision a reality! Find all the info at


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