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Lost Theory Festival 2015

22.7 - 28.7 2014, Croacia

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Lost Theory Growing Village is a dedicated area for children and families; set in the quiet, shady, seclusion next to the camping area. Children from all nationalities can come together to experience natural paradise and creative workshops. Daily yoga classes will be offered for little bodies and minds to start the day, parents can join in, or make the most of the calm and peaceful area around. The Growing Village team are fully trained, highly experienced teachers and carers who can provide child care for children over 5 years old during the scheduled workshops; we ask that children under 5 are supervised at all times. The schedule runs 10am and 8pm where there will be fun in abundance! Children can play freely on the purpose built adventure park or join in the lively programme. We hope to share the spirit of lost theory with the next generation by creating a connection with the natural surroundings and sharing our passion for Eco-responsibility and Up-cycled art.

Lost Theory Festival with Juliano Bcheche and 22 others

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To honour 5 incredible years of Lost Theory in Croatia we are releasing a triple cd, showcasing highlights of the finest psytrance the festival has had to offer. Festival goers' will have the opportunity to buy the cd at the festival, before we release it officially through the webshop. CD1 Tracklist:: V/A – Organic Orchestra 01. Scope – Mambo Jambo 02. Ianuaria - Circumstellar 03. Petran – Chronic Effect 04. Mark Day – The Hillingdon Trail 05. Encephalopaticys – Happenings (Bio rmx) 06. Farebi Jalebi – Finding Theory 07. Whrikk – Beëlzebleep 08. NoizeBug – Sacred Device 09. Derango – Subconscious Thought Part I 10. Cropsadam – Tigern i Tallen CD2 Tracklist:: V/A – Morning Madness 01. Nervasystem – Somewhere Else 02. BUS vs Planet B.E.N. – U-Boat (2015 Re-Edit) 03. Hux Flux – Idiot (2015 Re-Edit) 04. Toï Doï – Olde Light 05. Rabbit On Purple – Da Ding! 06. Electrypnose - Neoconolds 07. Ocelot – How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole 08. Terrafractyl vs PKA – Brains For Breakfast 09. Salakavala - Illusions 10. Texas Faggott - Portamental CD3 Tracklist:: V/A – Groove Secret Chamber 01. Ryanosaurus - Beep N Creep 02. Sensient - Precise Device 03. Tijah - Spardav!mas Mistery 04. Kryptamine ft Tijah – Centorizonte 05. Kromagon - Clock Theory 06. Onionbrain - Ritual Mask 07. LuneCell - Machine Elves 08. Kasadelica & Divine Source - Receptors 09. Tersius – Shmorganise Will not feature on the physical CD = Bonus track (Digital download) 10. Nargun - Nebula Simulation

Lost Theory Festival with Juliano Bcheche and 22 others

Lost Theory Festival with Kaâş Daýaņ and 45 others

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Lost Theory Festival with Kaâş Daýaņ and 45 others

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Find the best way to Lost Theory on our location-page

Lost Theory Festival | Croatia | 12-17 August 2015

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Lost Theory Festival | Croatia | 12-17 August 2015 Don't forget to get your tickets, the price will go up with 10€ on Sunday at midnight! (GMT+1)

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Mo:Dem Festival (19th - 24th Aug): straight after Lost Theory Festival, less than 100km away and with door to door shuttle bus service with: Arjuna - Baba Yaga - Bombax - Dark Whisper - Dickster - Datura - Dickster - Earthling - Eat Static - Giuseppe - Goatica - Grapes Of Wrath - Hellquist - Jahbo - Mubali - Onkel Dunkel - Orestis - Parasense - Tristan - Tron - Will O Wisp - Zoolog alongside a host of other amazing artists & the official host of Parvati Records' 15 year anniversary celebration. For more info visit: Facebook page: Facebook Event:

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Tripoteca Teaser 2015/2016

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Tripoteca is the only itinerant psychedelic film and art festival – currently on its third edition world tour, bending minds and growing souls both in urban cinema contexts and open-air festivals, by showcasing a selection of short films and visual that will take you to the core of your existence. For Lost Theory, Tripoteca has prepared a best-of selection of its current edition, that will be split into two main themes: “Meta-Fun” (a roller-coaster of astral humor) and "Introspective Journey" (seriously insightful gems) filled with animated short films ranging from 25 countries. A teasers that takes you on a ride outside your body at:

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This year you will have the chance to feed your body with full power Ayurvedic food - served close to the main dance-floor! We will convert the old wooden structure into the 'Lost Theory chakra bar', which will be hosted by 3 Krishna devotees cooking delightful meals for any and all.

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Our ambient garden is located in a magical forest on the banks of the Otuca river and this year we found the perfect decoration artists for this area: Kogaion Tribe is a landscaping, gardening and natural decorations project that finds inspiration in the works of the greatest artist ever: Mother Nature. The works are composed only out of natural material found in the area of the event that is taking place. Basic stock usually consists of different types of stone, wood, roots, earth, sand and any other gift from the Forest that we find to be 'uniquely beautiful'. These elements are then bound together in different harmonious ways ending up to be a complete part of the environment it was created from: it has always been there..

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