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Ozora Festival 2015

29.7 - 3.8 2014, Hungría

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“I want my music to be the channel between universal love and our souls.”

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“I want my music to be the channel between universal love and our souls.” 2015 Main Stage / Chill Dome / Pumpui artist – Report on Marcus Henrikssen aka Nobody Home ( Minilogue / Son Kite) by Kai Teo

Chill Out Dome 2015

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WHEEL OF WISDOM PROGRAM NEEDS 1 ASSISTANT We are asking for one person, a woman to volunteer to assist Dr. Sally in producing and operating this year’s Wheel of Wisdom Programs. This volunteer work gives you a unique opportunity to learn and participate in the Wheel of Wisdom Program. You can download the application details here:


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Weekly radio schedules


Heathen (Edit)

video 2015-05-25 08:13:52

2015 Dragon Nest artists: Strontium Dogs A brand new project featuring Merv from Eat Static and Nectarios from Martian Arts... Born,'cos of their mutual love for old school acid and modern day modular synthesis,the duo plan to explore deep groovy primal beats infused with acid textures and unique modular blend the old worlds with the re-awaken the beast within...

Psytrance Universe

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Psytrance Universe

Saafi Brothers - Moving Crossroads (official video)

video 2015-05-22 18:10:16

SAAFI BROTHERS - Moving Crossroads (Remixes) digital out now The Remixes of Moving Crossroads are a highly groovin' affair. Dynamic danceable mixes connected with the same spirit of the original track, which has a relaxed atmosphere and the sounds are gliding over a lovely electronic soundscape. Being on one path, the Moving Crossroads (Remixes) are focused on the same melodic character and deepness of the original track while shaping out the original sound signature of the remixers. The remixes of Fünf D, Gabriel Le Mar and Bidiol are pointing clearly towards the techno floor, while Groovetitan peels out the electro funkiness in groove and sound. Collaboration is the key and the remixers are to find within the Saafi Brothers core team.

Unimaginably delicate

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Unimaginably delicate The Ozorian Prophet on World Biodiversity Day

Ozora Festival official shared a page.

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