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Sweden Rock Festival 2014

4.6 - 7.6 2014, Suecia

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Sweden Rock Festival 3-6 June 2015

link 2014-10-30 12:29:20

Sweden Rock Festival 3-6 June 2015 Today it's only 216 days left until Sweden Rock Festival kicks off for the 24th time. Confirmed artists so far out of a total of 90: Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Toto, Backyard Babies, Hammerfall, D-A-D, Nuclear Assault, The Angels, Lucifer's Friend, Dark Tranquillity, The Quireboys, Exciter, H.E.A.T., Hell, Rock Goddess, Wolf, Delain, Torsson, Steve 'n' Seagulls. More bands to be announced soon so keep your eyes open! Tickets to the best festival in the world at:

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Skriv ner TRE band ni helst skulle vilja se på Sweden Rock Festival 2015.


video 2014-10-29 09:46:10

(in English below) I en värld där 80-talsmetal dödförklarats sedan länge blev Hammerfall en ögonblicklig sensation. Göteborgarnas debut ”Glory to the brave” (1997) gjorde succé och banade vägen för en hel internationell våg av så kallad power metal – till mångas förtjusning och somligas förtret. Framgångarna fortsatte med efterföljande släpp som ”Legacy of kings” (1998), ”Renegade” (2000) – som blev #1 på svenska topplistan – och ”Crimson thunder” (2002). Efter den mörka och ödesmättade ”Infected” (2011) beslöt Hammerfall ta en paus för att ladda sina kreativa batterier. 2014 återvände de med sitt nionde album, som tog dem tillbaka till rötterna: (r)Evolution”, varifrån den bifogade låten är hämtad. 2015 gör ett av Sveriges mest inflytelserika hårdrockband någonsin comeback även på Sweden Rock Festival. In a world where 80s metal was long since proclaimed dead, Hammerfall became an instant sensation. The Gothenburgians' debut ”Glory to the brave” (1997) was a big success that paved the way for a whole international movement of so called power metal – to the delight of many and the dismay of some. That success continued with subsequent releases like ”Legacy of kings” (1998), ”Renegade” (2000) – a #1 album in Sweden – and ”Crimson thunder” (2002). Following the dark and brooding ”Infected” (2011), Hammerfall decided to take a break to recharge their batteries. 2014 saw them return with their back-to-the-roots ninth album ”(r)Evolution”, where the attached song can be found. In 2015, one of Sweden's most influential hard rock bands ever makes a welcome return to the Sweden Rock Festival as well.

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Sweden Rock Festival - Band Competition

link 2014-10-28 12:54:35

Sweden Rock Festival - Band Competition Do you want to play with your band at Sweden Rock Festival 2015? Now it´'s time to start up our big band competition where, in the end, 4 bands will get a chance to play Sweden Rock Festival 2015. Rules are simpel: - You have to play some kind of rock that will fit into Sweden Rocks concept - You have to have your music on the internet. A video is an extra +. The more and better material, the bigger chance to go through the first selection. - It's ok if you previously played Sweden Rock and if you already have a record contract. Everyone can sign up! The sign up form will be up until November 30 and then a jury from Sweden Rock will choose the 200 best acts that will go to the first voting round. The 25 bands that get most votes will then move on to a second voting round and in the end, the top 3 bands will get to play Sweden Rock Festival 2015! Besides these 3 band a jury from Sweden Rock will pick one more band as a "wild card"! The 4 winners will get to play at Sweden Rock Festival 3-6 June 2015 and beside the gig they will also get hotel, food and drinks for the show day and of course wristbands for the entire festival. Each band will also get a 5000 SEK fee to cover travel costs etc. If you come from another country and don't have the possibility to pay for travelling to Sweden by yourself, please don't sign up. Any questions regarding the competition, please contact: Johannes Lindström PR Manager

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Bjud gärna in era vänner till detta ypperliga evenemanget! Please invite your friends!

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