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The Havelock Country Jamboree Festival 2016


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Havelock Country Jamboree 2016

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The Havelock Country Jamboree features over 25 Country Entertainers on “Larger” Twin Stages. Join us and be part of Canada’s Largest Live Outdoor Country Music & Camping Festival. Get your tickets today by calling Toll-free (800) 539-3353 or

Bobby Wills - Down By The River (Official Music Video)

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Haverock Revival

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Kansas stone

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Kansas stone

Kansas stone

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Kansas stone

The Next Country Music Star

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Good Day! It's that time of year again:) If you were a volunteer last year and have not received an e-mail from us please call the office at 1.800.539.3353 and ask for Cindy.

Jordy Jackson Band - Havelock Country Jamboree

link 2016-05-06 21:22:10

Jordy Jackson Band - Havelock Country Jamboree 1st Runner Up of The Next Country Music Star! The Jordy Jackson Band will perform on Friday, August 19/16 at 12:15 PM The Jordy Jackson Band was an electrifying experience that we will not forget! Jordy took the stage with a heart melting acoustic original that set the room on fire! Each band member is a character all on their own. It made an interesting show all the way through. Jordy's vocals are spot on and the original tunes were fantastic! Congratulations and see you on the Big Stage in August! More about The Jordy Jackson Band:

Sacha - Havelock Country Jamboree

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Sacha - Havelock Country Jamboree The Winner of The Next Country Music Star! Sacha and her amazing band will perform on Friday, August 19/16 at 1:15 PM Sacha has a magical presence that draws you into her performance from the moment she takes the stage! Her beautiful voice captivates you and her storytelling takes you on a journey. She is a very gifted performer and easily won the hearts of the audience and judges every time she played. We are so happy to have found her! See you at Havelock Sacha and Congratulations! More about Sacha -


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