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Margate Soul Festival 2017

United Kingdom

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The Fatback Band - I Found Lovin'

video 2017-02-20 09:30:00

The Peoples Choice. The Music you associate with Margate Soul Festival. If you want to join in, tell us what tune brings it all back and we'll share it for you on a Monday and add it to our playlist. Love it or loathe it you can't deny the place this tune has in Soul world. Thank you Caroline Brear. It brings back many memories for us.

Escape to the Isle of Thanet

video 2017-02-19 12:12:00

Its not all about us. We have some other amazing things on offer apart from our little party. It makes you want to visit again and again

The Soul Survivors

photo 2017-02-19 11:02:42

Not had chance to congratulate all the winners of this year's 'Soul Survivor Magazine 2016 Awards' yet. We're so proud to have just been nominated but to be a runner-up after the might Caister is fantastic, so thank you all that voted for us, we couldn't do it without you. And well done to all winners, runners-up and those nominated. Lots of friends of Margate Soul Festival on that list, but you know what, we're all part of the same family. It's all about the music

The Soul Survivors

James Brown: Drummer Solo at the Boston Garden (Live)

video 2017-02-19 10:16:56

Rip Clyde Stubblefield

Sons and Daughters of Lite - Let the Sun Shine In

video 2017-02-17 09:32:38

The DJs Choice. Yesterday Steve Gibson chose this as his Margate Soul Festival Tune. Happy Friday Everyone.

Etta James, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody Business (live BB King & Friends) [HQ]

video 2017-02-17 01:10:49

Bit of blues from Gladys Chaka, Etta and BB. That's all.

Timeline Photos

photo 2017-02-16 09:30:34

This weeks Margate Soul Festival DJ Profile is Steve Gibson. Steve was born in Sittingbourne but has lived in Canterbury for the past 18 years. When he's not DJing Steve works for a fostering agency and spends as much time as he can with his family. 1. When did you first start DJing? I was into the Jazz Funk and Soul Scene throughout the 70s and 80s but got more into the Jazz Dance Music during this time. I always bought records but am a relative newbie when it comes to DJing. I first helped organise the Jazz Room and had my first experience as a DJ at the Stage 3 Reunion on the Isle of Sheppy 3 years ago and shortly after was invited to do a radio show (In the Jazz Room) on 106.9SFM which is a community radio station for Sittingbourne 2. What the best advice you've ever received? From a music perspective I had a conversation with Bob Jones who informed me that Chris Hill told him a long time ago that you should play for yourself and not the crowd. The theory is that if you play to the crowd you are not giving them anything new and not educating them musically. Its also the way you create your own identity as a DJ. Sound advice I think! 3. Who influences and inspires you? As a DJ -Gary Croucher who has the Soul Show on Sittingbourne FM, Perry Louis (Jazz DJ, Dancer and Choreographer) Glen McClean (Jazz Dance DJ) Nick Hozier (Jazz Dance DJ on Stomp Radio) and Dr Bob Jones who I work with regularly and is a legend as well as a wealth of Knowledge) 4. When was your first time at Margate Soul Festival (weekend)? I had been to MSW as a punter but first DJ’d jast year (2016) I was asked to DJ at the Atlantis reunion and was introduced to Eli Thompson – we had a conversation about Jazz Dance and its roots from the Soul scene and he asked me to organise and incorporate this into MSW Eli Enjoyed the Music that I played and following on from this asked me to play regularly at Olby’s 5. What is your top tip for those that have never experienced Margate Soul Festival? Sort your accommodation a year in advance! 6. Have you any tips on up and coming talent we should look out for? A young band from Panama – Mecanik Informal 7. Can you tell us a secret? My first Job was in a Ladies Hairdressers!! 8. What is your ultimate Margate tune? For me this was the perfect song to represent the Jazz Scene last year. It’s a bit of a long into (Usually cut the first couple mins) but bear with it!

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

photo 2017-02-15 09:30:00

The view from the Harbour Arm looking across at Margate Old Town, the heart of the Soul Festival. We don't think there are many other Festivals with that sort of view. Thats why Margate Soul Festival is so special. Tickets available now #MSFest2017

Timeline Photos


video 2017-02-14 09:35:47

Happy valentines everyone

Summer Breeze - The Isley Brothers

video 2017-02-13 09:30:51

The Peoples Choice. The Music you associate with Margate Soul Festival. If you want to join in, tell us what tune brings it all back and we'll share it for you on a Monday and add it to our playlist. Thanks to Nina Malick for the wonderful Isley Brothers, getting us in the mood for summer.


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