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Breakfest Festival 2014

26.12 - 26.12 2013, Australie

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"<3" on Disclosure Promotions's timeline.

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*** FLASH BACK FRIDAY*** To '07 when we had the old stage! POST your Breakfest flashback pics with #Breakfest14 on Insty or FB to win a BF merch pack<3 Winner drawn Thursday!

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When it comes to pedigree, Utah Jazz Music is a rare breed: a personal apprentice to D&B’s old masters (ALEX REECE,@ LTJ BUKEM, BRYAN GEE) whose love for both DJ booth and studio saw him emerge as a pioneer on both fronts over the ensuing decade. Representing some of the most hallowed stables in the game - V RECORDINGS, GOOD LOOKING, HOSPITAL – Utah Jazz has fully lived up to his tag of “drum and bass royalty in the making” (Knowledge magazine), building a devoted following of enthusiasts for his mesmerising compositions and eye-popping DJ skills. Listen HERE: GRAB your ticket HERE:

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ShockOne - Home (feat. Reija Lee)

video 2014-11-19 10:36:18

TUNE! Since the debut of ‘The SHOCKONE EP’ in 2009 (ft Polygon), he has continued his assault with a rope of ripping Beatport and iTunes number ones and support from influential industry tastemakers. It all culminated in last year’s album, ‘Universus’ heralded by that freakin’ stormer, ‘Chaos Theory’. Welcome home, Bort Sampson. Welcome home! Final release tickets here -

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Tiny Club will make it's triumphant return to the loos of looseness in 2014! Grab your final release tickets now! - #Breakfest14 #BestDayEver

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Breakfest is getting close! We can't wait to finally see local legend SHOCKONE dominate the bowl! Who are you looking forward to? Final release tickets here - #Breakfest14 #BestDayEver

status 2014-11-18 09:30:55

The winner of our Breakfest House Party competition has been contacted. Big thanks to everyone who entered. Party on! #Breakfest14 #BestDayEver


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