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Bumbershoot Festival 2016


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photo 2016-07-28 03:30:00

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, and we're feeling pretty good about it.

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photo 2016-07-27 06:00:00

Our featured artist of the week is Lewis Del Mar: After bursting on to the scene with "Loud(y)" in 2015, they've topped several "Artists to Watch" lists and sold out shows across the country. Discover the next big thing at Bumbershoot 2016!

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Bumbershoot unveils new food program

link 2016-07-26 22:01:08

Bumbershoot unveils new food program We're excited to launch B-EATS at this year's Festival: curated by local restaurateur Dan Bugge, the program will bring local culinary favorites to Bumbershoot 2016. Our testament to the art of great food will include Matt's in the Market, Radiator Whiskey, Gracia Seattle, Bok A Bok Fried Chicken, Little Uncle, New Luck Toy, and Pike Place Fish Guys creating dishes on-site. Learn more below--

Bumbershoot 2016 Ebbets Field Hat

link 2016-07-26 06:00:00

Bumbershoot 2016 Ebbets Field Hat We’re excited to partner with local apparel artisan Ebbets Field Flannels Inc. on this exclusive Bumbershoot 2016 custom ball cap. True to brand, this cap is 100% American-made, featuring classic wool patchwork, a navy wool broadcloth crown, and a standard navy visor. Ebbets Field Flannels continues to be run by its original founders, and remains committed to bringing the quality, beauty and craftsmanship of mid-Century American athletic garments to a 21st Century public. Order yours now!

Bumbershoot 2016: Discover

link 2016-07-26 01:41:32

Bumbershoot 2016: Discover Put together your list of must-see acts at the Festival and find your new favorite artist: our Discovery engine is now live. Tip: Register with Facebook and connect the performers you "like" to those of your friends!

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photo 2016-07-24 20:52:36

G-Eazy on the new Britney Spears track

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status 2016-07-23 22:00:00

Our Saturday afternoon soundtrack -- new tunes from Lewis Del Mar streaming now:

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photo 2016-07-23 00:30:00

We're thrilled to announce YOGASHOOT at Bumbershoot 2016, featuring Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen. Rachel will lead a yoga class on site at Bumbershoot 2016, open to all festival attendees. Yogashoot brings yet another expression of art to the Festival, for Seattle's yogis and those simply seeking discovery.

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photo 2016-07-21 06:36:07

Our featured artist this week is Third Eye Blind. You’re probably familiar with their debut, self-titled album from 1997, but they’re still rocking, and making a scene – releasing ‘Dopamine’ last year to rave reviews and touring all over the world.

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photo 2016-07-20 23:08:53

Oh hey, that logo looks familiar! Great pitch by Ben Gibbard- don't miss Death Cab for Cutie at Bumbershoot 2016!

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