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OFF Festival 2014

1.8 - 3.8 2014, Pologne

4 adeptes 48,532


Why Sub Pop Cares So Much About a Music Festival in Poland

link 2014-09-16 15:02:42

Why Sub Pop Cares So Much About a Music Festival in Poland "I loved it. It was so friendly. It was so music-oriented". :)

Presley tańczy w smole / Muzyka /

link 2014-08-18 21:43:12

Presley tańczy w smole / Muzyka / "Klimat zafundowany przez trójkę muzyków z Detroit był tak dojmujący i surowy, że najbardziej logicznym zachowaniem byłoby oddać opaskę i jechać do domu. Bo co może zaskoczyć jeszcze słuchaczy po wizycie na oddziale infernalnym, ze smołą, ogniem i systemem audio-tortur?" Dwutygodnik, piórem Łukasza Wojtyski, wspomina katowicki koncert Wolf Eyes.

Ekipa 48HFP Poland na OFF Festival - Sztuka Składania "YOLO"

video 2014-08-14 12:01:55

Decyzją publiczności Najlepszym Filmem zrealizowanym podczas OFF Festival Katowice 2014 został "YOLO" ekipy Sztuka Składania. Gratulujemy! Nagrodą jest 48 butelek piwa Grolsch.

W tej opowieści wszystko jest przypadkiem

link 2014-08-12 17:28:51

W tej opowieści wszystko jest przypadkiem Reg Bloor: To było podczas występu Glenna w Knitting Factory. Mieszkałam jeszcze w Bostonie, ale przyjeżdżałam do Nowego Jorku na koncerty. On tam wtedy grał, więc po koncercie podeszłam do niego i dałam mu swoją kasetę. Glenn Branca: Pamiętam, że pomogła nam też znosić sprzęt ze sceny. Reg Bloor: Rok później ostatecznie się przeprowadziłam i z nim skontaktowałam. Okazało się, że on myślał, że jestem kimś innym. Być może tylko dlatego mnie zaprosił. Przeczytajcie wywiad z najgłośniejszą parą Nowego Jorku.

The Quietus | Features | Three Songs No Flash | Maintaining Traditions: Things Learned At OFF...

link 2014-08-09 14:11:08

The Quietus | Features | Three Songs No Flash | Maintaining Traditions: Things Learned At OFF... - Throughout the weekend, OFF Festival is nothing less than a celebration of music and diverse cultures, of the positive aspects of human nature and the universal pursuit of a damn good time bonded by a common cause. Moreover, it's a physically undemanding experience and the atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed throughout the entire weekend. A triumph from start to finish, a lot of British festivals would do well to take note and import and some of OFF Festival's finer aspects. There's a little bit of my heart left in Katowice and I can't wait to leaving some more next year. - Julian, dziękujemy i do zobaczenia! :)

OFF Festival, Poland - The DiS Review

link 2014-08-08 19:13:40

OFF Festival, Poland - The DiS Review With a line-up so diverse and an atmosphere so welcoming, it's easy to see why festivals like OFF are attracting more and more revellers from across Europe. The division of drink and music is one that may raise some eyebrows, but it does in fact make the whole experience much more memorable. Grabbing a beer in the refreshments area allows you to gather your breath - and your friends - making it more of a break than a necessity. The crowd are one of the most respectable and diverse I've ever witnessed, as revellers continuously offer me a space in front of them or graciously ask me if it's okay if they smoke next to me. With the stages a few minutes apart and hardly any clashes, you're able to see pretty much any act on the bill and the laid back stall holders offer up nothing but smiles and language barrier thumbs-up. After that weekend, OFF's tagline of 'Inspiring other festivals since 2006' is more than deserved.

All 22 bands The A.V. Club saw at Poland’s Off Festival, reviewed

link 2014-08-08 16:27:06

All 22 bands The A.V. Club saw at Poland’s Off Festival, reviewed - Off is a laid-back three-day take on both Polish and international bands, including this year’s headliners Neutral Milk Hotel, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and Belle And Sebastian. With camping nearby and $2.50 Grolsch flowing freely from just about every tap in the joint, Off makes festival-going both fun and affordable, especially for those either coming from the U.S. or who might be fed up with the costly nature of events like Glastonbury.

OFF Festival //

link 2014-08-07 18:49:01

OFF Festival // - OFF festival is basically brilliant, the only faults coming in the form of the Polish law that means you can’t drink near a stage. Basically, all it means is that you either drink or watch bands. In a way though it puts the music back in control which can really only be a good thing. We suggest you head out to Poland and get into OFF before the crowd is made up mostly of drunk british girls and lads in V-necks. It’s cheap, it has a line-up nonpareil and we’ll definitely be heading back next year for what will surely be the best line-up in Europe again. - cheers Billy, see you next year! :)

OFF Festival 2014

link 2014-08-06 18:43:32

OFF Festival 2014 - After this year’s scenes, it deserves to be one of the biggest festivals on the planet. Thank you :)


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