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Rhythm and Vines Festival 2014

29.12 - 31.12 2013, la Nouvelle-Zélande

12 adeptes 103,506



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BW x R&V SURVIVAL GUIDE All you need to know in one place. These will also be on site for your holiday reading.

The Seven Best Cafes in Gisborne

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The Seven Best Cafes in Gisborne Some local Gisborne eateries that will sort you out.

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SUN'S OUT GUNS OUT! Do you have what it takes to be KING OF THE HILL this year? We have set out a gruelling assault course which is sure to test even the most shredded of shredders. Head down to the vines village hill terraces at 1:30pm on the 31st to enter. More details here -->

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Another mean day in Gizzy today. Just a heads up --> Level 4 ticket price is selling really fast now and is nearly sold out, just 500 left. Get in today to get your ticket at this price! --

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Looking for a higher view. Upgrade your new year's with the Vintage Club VIP experience. ->

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Rhythm and Vines artist Ta-ku speaks to LIMIT’D BY HYPE DC ABOUT DOING EVERYTHING AT ONCE _ Full story here -->

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