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Sweden Rock Festival 2014

4.6 - 7.6 2014, Suède

5 adeptes 126,216


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Here is the updated poster, Share it if you like it, 38 bands are now confirmed and we still have about 50 acts to announce!. Hope to see you all at Sweden Rock Festival 2015! Tickets:

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Another 19 acts confirmed for the Sweden Rock Festival! We at the Sweden Rock Festival are happy to announce another 19 acts that have been confirmed for next year’s Sweden Rock Festival, which will take place in Sölvesborg in southern Sweden June 3rd to 6th. Def Leppard are returning to Sweden Rock after seven years, and this time their setlist will be completely focused on their best known tracks. And considering that these Brits are one of the best-selling hard rock bands of all time, there are plenty of hits to choose from. Five Finger Death Punch made a big impression on the main stage audience at Sweden Rock 2013 and have been one of the most requested acts since then. Now they will be back for what will be their only Swedish show next summer. Meshuggah are making their long overdue Sweden Rock debut, Opeth will play their only Swedish concert next summer at Sweden Rock, Airbourne and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band are making much anticipated comebacks and Exodus will arrive with legendary vocalist Steve Souza back by the microphone. Evergrey will be playing twice – an electric show on the Wednesday and an aoustic set two days later. Jon English got plenty of attention and acknowledgement when his last Sweden Rock appearance was broadcast on national Swedish radio. This summer he returns for a more intimate performance at a smaller stage. Kaipa was one of the leading Swedish progressive acts in the 70’s – for Sweden Rock, their classic line-up is reforming to play the group’s early material under the name Kaipa Da Capo. The Swiss band Samael will be performing their classic black metal album “Ceremony of Opposites” in its entirety. Also added to the festival line-up are Lillasyster, Mad Max, Tony Carey, Avatar, Electric Mary, Hazy/Dizzy, Battle Beast and The Order Of Israfel. In October, it was announced that, among several others, Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Toto, Backyard Babies, HammerFall, D-A-D and Dark Tranquillity will be performing at next year’s Sweden Rock Festival. For the full list of confirmed acts and biographies on all of them, please visit Another 50 acts will be announced during this winter.

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Win a Fender Stratocaster signed by Volbeat Have you bought a ticket to Sweden Rock 2015? In that case you have a chance to win signed guitars. This competition will be up until Nov 24 Winners in last weeks competition: Fender guitar signed by Ted Nugent Mikael Davidsson, Knislinge Click here to join the competition:

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The Quireboys ~ 7 O'Clock

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You can see this fantastic band Wednesday, June 3 at Sweden Rock Festival, so don't forget to buy a 4-day ticket as they always sell out first!

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How many times have you been at Sweden Rock and what would you say is the best with the festival?

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