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Transylvania Calling Festival 2015

8.9 - 15.9 2014, Roumanie

10 adeptes 103,146


It's official: ‘Lonely Planet’ Travel Guide chose Transylvania as the No. 1 destination for...

link 2015-11-27 20:18:10

It's official: ‘Lonely Planet’ Travel Guide chose Transylvania as the No. 1 destination for... it is not a secret anymore :)

I Wake Up At 5AM To Hike The Transylvanian Mountains And Photograph Stunning Landscapes

link 2015-11-26 11:14:13

I Wake Up At 5AM To Hike The Transylvanian Mountains And Photograph Stunning Landscapes Winter has arrived in Wonderland. Greetings to all Callers <3

The Artistation

photo 2015-11-25 13:58:42

cup of tea, anyone? :D

The Artistation

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photo 2015-11-03 22:28:37

Hello dear friends. I need urgently some helping hands to take down the 2 big army-tents before the rain comes.. means till latest 14th November. Anyone out there who can come for a weekend fun times to wonderland? We can have some good food, drink and music during and after the job. Evenings and at night we can stay in the warm house. leave a message if you have time and want to come. <3 Transylvania Calling would be very thankful for you support!

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Super Full Moon In Taurus: Indulge Your Senses

link 2015-10-26 11:20:01

Super Full Moon In Taurus: Indulge Your Senses Happy Full Moon everyone <3 We are having Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, October 27th at 12:05pm Universal Time. It is a Super Moon which is when a Full Moon is closer to the Earth than normal in its elliptical orbit. Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle, as this is when the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon and marks the beginning of the following 2 week period when the light starts fading. This is known as the waning phase. Symbolically, because this is when the light begins to recede, this represents a time of release. Full Moons are generally the most intense and lively time of the Moon cycle.

Transylvania Calling

video 2015-10-21 19:07:00

Know that you are the fabric of the essence of the galactic energy. Know that we are sustained. Know that we are supported by your en devour by your existence. Know that we love you because you have given birth to us. We give birth back to you! We remind you in this giving of birth that you can be everything you desire to be. That is our gift to your birth. To be born as anyone anywhere anyhow you so desire. That is our gift to remind you! Anything that you choose to be sustains our existence. Sustains the fabric of the galactic connection. You are the rotating stars. Your are the essence of the Spiral! Of the galaxy in which you inhabit, of all creation. That you are, that extends from you that issues forth from you that is projected from you within yourself. For you are everywhere and there is nowhere else to be, but where you are now. Everything is within. there is no outside as you have been reminded time and again. Now all time collapses into one.. now all space collapses into one. Any moment you so desire you can be within the total here and now.. you can live your life in that way. events upon your planet.. events within your solar system are now accelerated and within what you call a 2 years span of time there shall be much explosion of consciousness upon your world. much explosion of the connections you that you have to other worlds. within the galactic substance within the galactic frame. But this connections and this recognition's all are secondary to your recognition of your connection to your self. Recognition's of the connections of yourself to the infinite.. of yourself as the infinite for you are the infinite. Even as we are the infinite in our own way you are the infinite in your own way and we treasure you and cherish you. Wave after wave of love. Always is pulsing.. Feel the spinning of the galaxy, in your heart and in your mind and in your is a deep and rumbling sound a deep and thorough sound a deep and storing sound.. allow it to double forth allow it to bring forth the understanding of your self honesty your own clarity your inside and inspiration. for you are all of these as well.. we remind you of these things that you do not need to be reminded of. simply because that is the way you have chosen.. but now, put them into action.. put them into light.. be more then just the word . be the thing be the idea be the deed.. clear and honest as a deed.. feel in the beating of your heart.. that it keeps passe with the rhythm and the pulse. Of the spinning of all the galaxy's. Of the fabric of existence itself of the universal heart of infinite creation. For you all beat within that heart and not o one of you is outside the heart of all that is. You are the blood and the life force of god himself. It is your force and your life as well.. You are it and it is You. Out of your dreams be born. Out of your heart be alive. out of your soul be light. For you are nothing else.

Making Peace with Our Shadow

link 2015-10-21 01:03:10

Making Peace with Our Shadow An excellent article for all you dreamers out there who are ready to face your fears and learn from your shadow!

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photo 2015-10-17 16:17:47

Greetings from Wonderland <3

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Why I love Romania

photo 2015-10-12 16:12:10

Why I love Romania

Why I love Romania

photo 2015-10-10 20:58:46

Why I love Romania


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