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Le Guess Who? Festival 2014

24.5 - 24.5 2014, Paesi Bassi

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Selda ft. Boom Pam - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz

video 2014-10-30 17:05:39

Why You Should Know Selda (…And dare not miss her at Le Guess Who? Festival), by DJ Fitz: “Dude, the first ever I ever heard Selda was in the early 00’s in Brooklyn, NY. I was sitting in Brad “BLT” Truax’s living room drinking Black Tea, when Legendary Producer and local friend Barry “white pants” London walked into the room and exclaimed, “Dude, Have you ever heard of crazy Turkish Singer called Selda?”, whilst holding one of her Records in his hands. I told him, No, so we put the record on the turntable, and proceeded to have our minds completely Blown. The record it turned out was the Selda LP from 1976 where she perfectly blended the folk protest songs she had become known for, with the psychedelic Anatolian Funk from the streets of Istanbul. I had no idea what the hell this woman was singing about, but I knew it was important. It had Tight Drums, Heavy Bass, plenty psychedelic flourishes but there was something more, a spiritual vibe that felt like a Dark, Melancholic beautiful sound. As the years passed, I discovered Selda to be one of Turkey’s foremost singers and songwriters, who built a career around her engaging protest songs and amazing voice. I saw her perform once in 2010, I was in a room with 900 Turks and when she launched into some of the legendary jams, there were women wailing and crowds singing. Raw Emotion, Deep Heartfelt Songs, the Truth. SELDA!!!!” - DJ FITZ

Fell Into the Wrong Crowd

video 2014-10-30 14:11:27

PCPC is Parquet Courts’ supergroup together with PC Worship. Listen to the 11 minute lo-fi sludge of Fell Into The Wrong Crowd below. PCPC Bonanza at Le Guess Who? 2014: Parquet Courts will play LGW on Friday November 21, PC Worship and PCPC will perform Sunday November 23:

Daniel Norgren - Like There Was A Door

video 2014-10-29 13:53:03

Check out Daniel Norgren’s beautiful and soothing new song Like There Was A Door below. Norgren’s self-produced, new album ”Alabursy” will be released spring 2015 and he'll play Le Guess Who? on Sunday November 23:

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We’ve published the time schedules for Le Guess Who? 2014! Find them at Also: Le Mini Who? & Le Bazarre will return again on Saturday November 22. All info on our website.

Other People

link 2014-10-27 17:36:11

Other People Check out Lucrecia Dalt's newest track Esotro (from an EP to appear on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint), remixed by William Basinski. Both artists to perform at Le Guess Who? 2014:

photo 2014-10-27 13:34:04

Swans’ Michael Gira has designed a limited edition t-shirt (edition: 100) for his Mouth to Mouth curated program at Le Guess Who? 2014. It will be available exclusively at the festival:

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