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Lost Theory Festival 2017


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Lost Theory 2016

video 2016-11-23 22:14:56

The Future is Calling: Direction:Transformation and Evolution. Mission: Dream Weaving. Many moons ago when the Lost Theory was born, the dream was for Community, Unity and Serious Fun; to achieved within a sustainable project, where Nature, Technology and Creativity collide. At the core of those values are fulfilling our sustainable mission. To achieve this we want to build consistency and permanence....By finding our home. Despite initial 'teething problems' for Lost Theory 2016, we fell in love with Las Hurdes. In our journeying to the far flung corners of Europe we haven't found a place which resonates with our value and provides so much scope and excitement for future ventures. Time, energy, money and love will be invested into the extraordinarily beautiful location. And, with the blessing and support of the local community, we will integrate a permanent, sustainable site in Las Hurdes. A home for Lost Theory festival and where other projects and events can grow. We want to invest in the comfort of YOU. Camping infrastructure, permanent toilets, showers, irrigation for the dust and shade structures will be our main mission before returning with Lost Theory Festival in 2018. Special thanks to the wonderful people of Riomalo De Abajo, Sotoserrano, Caminomorisco & all surrounding villages Subscribe for updates at Video by Audio by Atriohm (Vlastur rmx) , Orestis & Farebi Jalebi, Sensient, X-Dream (4D rmx) , Molokow

15 Years Insomnia Records / 20 Years Texas Faggott

event 2016-10-26 21:15:32

15 Years Insomnia Records / 20 Years Texas Faggott

Katarina Luka Photography

photo 2016-10-24 17:35:28

Thanks to all who were a part of Lost Theory 2016, first pictures, videos & official statement on our new website : More news coming soon ;) Album by Katarina Luka Photography

Katarina Luka Photography

Lost Theory 2016

video 2016-08-25 14:16:37

Lost Theory 2016 is ON, still 100 tickets at the gate for people without campervan, we keep campervan space for presale-buyers.

Lost Theory 2016

photo 2016-08-22 00:19:39

by Katarina Chapora

Lost Theory 2016

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Last tickets at

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Timeline Photos

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We will close the ticket-sale on Tuesday 10PM local time! We will keep only a few ticket at the gate so come early, camping opens on Monday 10AM.

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video 2016-07-25 17:23:00

Open your heart, expand your mind, dance til you pop and let the arms of mother nature surround you for a big psychedelic hug! A uniquely beautiful, natural gem awaits you for an unforgettable Lost Theory 2016.

link 2016-07-14 20:01:14 "Follow your heart and let intuition be your guide" .....Also get Interactive and explore the new Lost Theory site with our online map:

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The Visonarium is the Lost Theory 2016 cultural Hub. We will open up a space to embrace the deeper relevance of our Psychedelic festival culture. A place to come and connect, unwind and expand. Visionary delights from artist Ihtianderson will decorate the space. A gallery showcases his boundless imaginary and uniquely confounding style which will take you on a journey through an ‘expression of what is hidden from ordinary human eye, an exploration of what cannot be touched or explain’ Tripoteca will be bringing their Cinematic experience for an introspective journey ‘Focusing around metaphysical matters, the expansion of consciousness & abstract aesthetics’ The movie will be shown throughout the week, amongst other educational films on transformational living. Every evening at Sunset an experience into meditative sounds and the power of the collective through vibration and union will be led by 432 Hz VIBRATIONAL EXPERIENCE – An educational and sensorial WorkShoW taking you beyond the music. Nurture your soul, Give your eyes a feast, and your imagination wings in The Visionarium

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