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Lost Theory Festival 2015

22.7 - 28.7 2014, Croazia

11 seguito 73,176


Parvati 15Y anniversary

2015-09-02 20:28:07

Parvati 15Y anniversary

video 2015-08-15 13:59:36

We almost reached full capacity but we still have some weekend-tickets for discounted prices!

crazy astronaut

link 2015-08-13 12:15:29

crazy astronaut Unfortunately Kindzadza had to cancel his performance on Saturday but he will be replaced by Furious (Russian Darkpsy) (full-power dj set) & Crazy Astronaut!!

LOST THEORY 2015 - mapping test

video 2015-08-12 20:01:13

We found the paradise, we have sprinkled the magic …….. It is time to get LOST! MAIN STAGE OPENING AT 8pm TONIGHT 3D Illusion mapping & drone videos by Resorb

Lost Theory preparations

photo 2015-08-09 16:17:03

It's here, let's get together and get LOST! Mind expanding music, culture and creativity colliding and abundant natural beauty, all await you. Gates open at 10am Monday morning. Pre sale will run until 10pm Monday night. Tickets are available on the gates. Come celebrate our fifth and finest Lost Theory yet! See you on dance floor! pictures by Van Grimm - Photography & Crafts

Lost Theory preparations

photo 2015-08-07 20:54:47

2015 is performance extravaganza at Lost Theory! InLoveWithFire bring a spectacular of flare and flame, to blaze the trail for magic; The Kundalini Tribe will ignite your sacred energy with their incandescent night time displays. The Ambient Garden will host the exotic belly dancing beauty of Einat Ran; and Gundega will display their creative luminosity in The Secret Chamber The last day of the festival will be celebrated in a scintillating ceremony in the camping area. Join us to see what arises from the flames......

photo 2015-08-05 20:06:23

The Ambient Garden is a creation from Kogaion Tribe ; an enchanting, tranquil setting with the river ebbing through. An intricate framing of the magical forest surrounds the floating stage; with hammocks swinging in the trees and cosy corners where inspired organic art extenuating the nature. The location harmonised with the finest selection in ambient chill out music is perfect space to relax and ground your festival experience.

Lost Theory Festival with Olivier Rugi and 27 others

photo 2015-08-04 14:10:55

The Groove Secret Chamber is our alternative stage; offering an eclectic range of sounds and artists. Bringing not only an alternative in music to the main stage, but also a contrast in location and vibe. The line up will be a journey through experimental dance music and with full range of genre diversity from glitch and progressive techno to stomping drum and bass. Nestled close by the river surrounded by trees and greenery, the Secret Chamber has chill out pods, swinging beds and music and nature to inspire and tantalise all your senses.

Lost Theory Festival with Olivier Rugi and 27 others

photo 2015-08-01 15:36:47

Villa flora are an intentional community which was created through an earthship building project and a collective desire to create a reality outside if the constraints of the current matrix. This year on Lost Theory they will be joining us to share their knowledge, experience, and spreading their inspirational vision for the future. Integrating natural building techniques and using Villa Flora unique style to build a location using locally sourced materials. They will create a space where members from their community will offer a range of highly compelling workshops and lectures to guide us through our expanding consciousness and deepening our connection with our surroundings and ourselves. From growing your own food and designing a raw diet to alternative communication and up-cycled fashion we invite you to participate and learn, or just stop by to sample tasty, nutritious, culinary delights.


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Sito Paese Croazia Categoria Dance / Elettronica Visitatori 10,000-20,000

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