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Sunwaves Festival 2015

1.5 - 4.5 2014, Mamaia Beach, Romania

84 seguito 29,458


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BILETE x TICKETS Salut, Biletele pentru urmatoarea editie de Sunwaves Festival - SW17 - se vor pune in vanzare cu aproximativ o luna si jumatate inainte de eveniment. Biletele puse in vanzare sunt in numar limitat dar veti putea achizitiona si bilete direct de la intrare pentru fiecare seara de festival. PS: Informatia de pe site-ul oficial nu este updatat astfel ca biletele nu sunt sold-out asa cum apare pe site. __ Hello, Just to be clear, tickets for the next edition of Sunwaves Festival - SW17 - will go on sale about one month and a half before the event. The tickets sold will be in a limited amount, but you will also be able to buy tickets at the door for each night of the festival. PS: The information on the official website is not updated thus tickets are not sold-out as mentioned there.

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Sunwaves posted a link to Sunwaves Festival: SW17 ▵ 30.04 - 03.05 ▵ Mamaia Nord, Romania's timeline.

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Hello, Sunwaves is coming back this May for its 17th edition !! It will go on the same night and day schedule starting Thursday, 30th of April lasting till Sunday, 3rd of May. The location of the festival is situated in Mamaia North, Constanta, Romania. You can follow up this link to see exactly where it is. Remember to book early for your accommodation and plane tickets. 94 days to go. See you soon! PS: eTickets will go on sale through our official website about one and a half months before the festival. The line-up will also be posted then! PS2: Don't forget to share the news!


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Sito Paese Romania Posizione Mamaia Beach Categoria Dance / Elettronica Visitatori 10,000-20,000

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