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Masters of Hardcore Festival 2014

29.3 - 29.3 2014, Nederland

16 volgelingen 213,319


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It is the most anticipated hardcore album of 2014 and you can PRE-ORDER it NOW for €14,99! Pre-order at and receive a free MOH laptop sticker. Trailer: Tickets: Event:

Masters of Hardcore Switzerland

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Masters of Hardcore Switzerland 22/11/2014 MASTERS OF HARDCORE SWITZERLAND

Angerfist - Temple Of Disease (Tha Playah Remix) (Official Preview)

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Who's going to 'The Deadfaced Dimension'! Second preview is out! Trailer: Tickets: Event:

Angerfist - Strange Man In Mask (Official Preview)

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Are you ready for the biggest Angerfist event in history?! The first preview of the coming album is here! Trailer: Tickets: Event:

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ANGERFIST REVEALS TRACKLIST NEW ALBUM It is the most anticipated hardcore album of 2014. The release of the coming Angerfist- ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’ album is just a blink away. With a massive event in the Brabanthallen as place of prime madness, Angerfist will present his brand new hardcore show. To make sure each and every soul is prepared for this night the album will be released a few weeks prior to the event. Hereby the track list of ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’! ANGERFIST ‘THE DEADFACED DIMENSION’ CD ALBUM CD1 1. The Invasion (Intro) 2. Strange Man In Mask 3. The Deadfaced Dimension (with MC Nolz) 4. Outta Control (with Evil Activities & E-Life) 5. Knock Knock 6. Bad Attitude 7. Temple Of Disease (Tha Playah Remix) 8. Santiago (with Miss K8) 9. Shadowman (with Decipher & Shinra) 10. Street Fighter 11. Just Like Me (with Tha Playah & MC Jeff) 12. Wake Up Fucked Up (with Negative A) 13. Vato (Hardbouncer Remix) 14. Messing With The Wrong Man CD2 1. From The Blackness 2. Necroslave (N-Vitral Remix) 3. Don’t Fuck With Me 4. Messenger Of God (with Radical Redemption) ) 5. Relinquish (with Lowroller) 6. Odious (with Outblast / State Of Emergency Remix) 7. Claim You (with Dyprax) 8. Burn This MF Down 9. Take U Back (Mad Dog Remix) 10. Dirty Man (with Tieum) 11. Get MF Raw (with MC Jeff) 12. Blooshed (with Unexist & Satronica) 13. Fresh With The Gargle (with Crucifier / Partyraiser Remix) 14. The People Got A Choice (with Drokz) CD3 1. Mindscape (with Predator) 2. When You’re Gone (with Radical Redemption) 3. Carnival Of Doom (as part of The Supreme Team) 4. The Desecrated 5. New World Order (with Miss K8) 6. Pagans (with Lowroller) 7. Bring The Pain (with Noize Suppressor) 8. Slice Em Up (with Tieum & MC Nolz) 9. Immortal (with Hellsystem) 10. Full Gentle Racket 11. Reason To Hate (with Radium) 12. Chaos & Evil (Andy The Core Remix) 13. Inframan (with Dr Peacock) 14. Deathmask (with Drokz / Tripped Remix) ANGERFIST - THE DEADFACED DIMENSION EVENT 29/11/2014 BRABANTHALLEN s’-HERTOGENBOSCH PRE-ORDER ALBUM STARTS 30-10-'14, 1 P.M. GMT+2 at Trailer: Tickets: Event:

Tickets - Carnival of Doom – 1 November 2014 – Heineken Music Hall

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Tickets - Carnival of Doom – 1 November 2014 – Heineken Music Hall VIP tickets for #CarnivalofDoom are sold out! Grab your entrance tickets at


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SYNDICATE 2014 AFTERMOVIE On the 4th of October 2014 Germany witnessed the 8th edition of the brutal SYNDICATE. Over 20.000 dedicated supporters gathered for the annual celebration of pure noise. Check the mesmerising aftermovie now!

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Out soon on Masters of Hardcore records: Bodyshock & Crossfiyah - Messiah! Listen here:

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With the everlasting eyes and ears on the future Masters of Hardcore provides this years HDE event with the leading artists of today and tomorrow. The stunning Miss K8, the Spanish grandmaster Wasted Mind, the brutaliser Dyprax and tomorrows icon Bodyshock will provide the sound of hardcore at tomorrow's closing show! 06.00 - 07.00, Hard Dance Event LIVE mainstage, Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam.


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