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Transylvania Calling Festival 2015

8.9 - 15.9 2014, Roménia

8 seguidores 101,289


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We do apologize for any inconvenience. According to Transylvania Calling website google analytics results Transylvania Calling Magazine popularity results are slightly inaccurate. Some of the projects are doing better than we see in real. Our IT managers are constantly improving Transylvania Calling popularity count. You might see a huge drop in numbers of 'facebook likes' on some of the projects' pages shortly. Big thanks for honest followers and projects. We will award each project on their merit. Visit our Magazine and share what you like with us and your friends.

Secrets of the Carpathians/Tajomné Karpaty

video 2015-01-28 12:51:08

It is not a secret anymore, it is just the beauty of the wildlife and whole nature that make the Carpathians so fascinating

The Largest Salt Mine in Europe: Visit the Place that Can Heal You While You're Feeling Like the...

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The Largest Salt Mine in Europe: Visit the Place that Can Heal You While You're Feeling Like the...

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Silent B | Transylvania Calling 2015

link 2015-01-26 22:37:00

Silent B | Transylvania Calling 2015 does he need any introduction? if you dont know this dj yet you have missed a treat! check out his mixes and dont ever miss his set if you get the chance! give him some thumbs up and vote him up in our magazine if you like it

The Outback Eclipse Story Psytrance Goa Festival Last Light Films (Full Movie)

video 2015-01-25 18:00:00

Great Movie to watch on a Sunday Evening. 10 000 tribal earthlings meet in the desert of Australia . It has been a great experience for some of us where we gained lots of good inspiration. The 'Outback Eclipse Story' follows the story of a celebrate the unique natural phenomenon that is a total solar eclipse. Set deep in the heart of the South Australian outback this feature length documentary details what happens when thousands of global citizens travel to one of the harshest environments on earth to experience a total eclipse and the magic and freedom that surround it. It tells the tale of a pilgrimage, that of a collective people who long to experience the mysterious in an unknown land far from the realms of restrictive socio-cultural communities to a place of freedom where laughter, love, magic and natural phenomenon find a home

Made in Roșia Montană

link 2015-01-24 22:40:24

Made in Roșia Montană For all callers who love Rosia Montana , here you can find authentic products from the locals, and with every wool pair of socks , Rosia montana will be closer to become auto sustainable and keep those greedy gold diggers away. boom!

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