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Transylvania Calling Festival 2014

8.9 - 15.9 2014, Roménia

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MARK THE DATE BERLIN TOWN 11.10.2014 a jorney into a world of psychedelic colors installations & sounds hosted by the projection guys ORBITAL EXPERIENCES life is magic, love, creation, evolution & happiness !! would be great if we will see us again sooo soooon :-) on our party :-) ENJOY LIFE BRO*S & SI*S your Jekyll Hyde cant seee the gang muahaha ATMA Nica Iliuchina Geko Mekka Nikka Lars Lee Lavinia Djane Andreas Bim Binotsch Totalyzers DJ Kallima Johnny Bl David Onero Jens Jensson Rawolle Nina Foletti AlaBa$$$taR Michael PureHarry Harren HALFMOON FESTIVAL MUSIC IS A FEELING NOT A COMPETITION Francisco Vasconcelos FrAu LiLal Swen Schöne Marco Flugträumer Larry London Eventers Laser Marc Vinyltreiber Djteam Vicky La Goanaut Sebo ES Sediment Vier Tina Selk FREQS OF NATURE by FULLmoON FESTIVAL John Gawallek Dragan Golubovic Bocki Gek Francisco Benito Fernández Rodriguez Lion Sayia Sascha Korona Eve Gonzalez Ja Naja m'Rath Robin Pfeiffer Mystic Rose / Mystic Friday Sunny Myung

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Transcendence - Transylvania Calling 2014

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Transcendence - Healing & Education

Transcendence - Transylvania Calling 2014

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Transylvania Calling 2014 | SadaWeb Fotó Weblapkészítés IT

link 2014-09-16 00:48:23

Transylvania Calling 2014 | SadaWeb Fotó Weblapkészítés IT Thank You! <3

photo 2014-09-15 17:49:52

We've been exploring and it is time to come back to Earth. Thank you all fairies and elves for making this gathering possible, thanks too all artists,performers and healers, and thanks too all the crew and volunteers which worked hard but with amazing results. And thank you Universe for giving us only sunny weather the whole week <3 see you next edition! One Love <3 boom!!

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